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Season One

S                                       tar Trek TOS Season One
Picture: Episode: Description: Stardate:
The Cage Captain Pike and his crew are lured to Talos IV by a race capable of creating powerfus illusions Unknown
The Man Trap A shape shifting salt craving creature terrorizes the crew of the Enterprise 15131.1
Charlie X A powerful teenage boy wreaks havoc aboard the Enterprise 1533.6
Where No Man Has Gone Before Kirk's friend is transformed into a god like entity 1312.4
The Naked Time The Enterprise crew catch a virus that removes their inhibitions 1704.2
The Enemy Within A transporter malfunction creates a evil Kirk 1672.1
Mudd's Women The Enterprise recues con artist Harry Mudd and his beutiful femal cargo 1329.1
What Are Little Girls Made Of Nurse Chapel's long lost fiance is found along with his androids 2712.4
Miri A strange group of children are discovered on an Earth like planet 2713.5
Dagger Of The Mind A new treatment for the criminally insane has deadly results 2715.1
The Carbomite Maneuver Kirk bluffs his way past what appears to be a powerful alien 1512.2
The Menagerie Part I Spock hijacks the Enterprise to return an injured Captain Pike to Talos IV 3012.4
The Menagerie Part II Spock hijacks the Enterprise to return an injured Captain Pike to Talos IV 3013.1
The Conscience Of The King Kirk suspects Shaksperean actor Anton Karidian as a mass murderer 2817.6
Balance Of Terror After attacking an outpost Romulans battle the Enterprise 1709.2
Shore Leave On shore leave the crew's thoughts come to life 3025.3
The Galileo Seven Seven Enterprise crew members go on a mission with Spock in command 2821.5
The Squire Of Gothos A powerful entity known as Trelane torments the crew of the Enterprise 2124.5
Arena Kirk is pitted in a bare handed duel with a Gorn 3045.6
Tomorrow Is Yesterday The Enterprise is thrown back to the 20th century Earth 3113.2
Court Martial Kirk is recalled for a potential court martial 2947.3
The Return Of The Archons The Enterprise crew finds a world run by a computer named Landru 3156.2
Space Seed Kirk meets Khan a leader of Earth's Eugenics wars 3141.9
A Taste Of Armageddon The Enterprise is diverted by two planets fighting a computerized war 3192.1
This Side Of Paradise The Enterprise visits a colony where indigenous spores provide the settlers with peaceful contentment 3417.3
The Devil In The Dark An unknown monster threatens a mining operation 31.96.1
Errand Of Mercy Kirk and Spock battle Klingons to free Organia 3198.4
The Alternative Factor An alien being fights himself across two realities 3087.6
The City On The Edge Of Forever Kirk and Spock go back in time to restore history 3134.0
Operation Annihilate The Enterprise crew saves Deneva from deadly parasites 3287.2