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Season ONE

S                                       tar Trek TOS Season One
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Emissary, Part I On a distant outpost at the edge of the final frontier, an untested crew embarks on an unprecedented journey.

Emissary, Part II On a distant outpost at the edge of the final frontier, an untested crew embarks on an unprecedented journey.
Past Prologue A reunion with a member of the Bajoran underground forces Kira to choose between her people and her duty as a Federation officer. Unknown
A Man Alone Security Chief Odo's character is questioned when he is implicated in the murder of a shady Bajoran. 46421.5
Babel A mysterious epidemic sweeps over Deep Space Nine, and Kira must find an antidote. 46423.7
Captive Pursuit Through a new friendship with a bizarre alien, O'Brien and the rest of the officers of Deep Space Nine learn that other beings do not respect life as much as they do.
Q-Less Frequent U.S.S. Enterprise visitors Q and Vash introduce themselves to the crew of Deep Space Nine, while the officers struggle to save the station from imminent destruction. 46531.2
Dax Curzon Dax, Jadzia's former Trill identity, is accused of murder. 46910.1
The Passenger The crew's efforts to thwart a hijack scheme are complicated when a sinister alien criminal hides his consciousness within the brain of someone aboard the station. Unknown
Move Along Home Quark's attempt at deception toward a newly-encountered alien race places the space station's senior officers in a labyrinth of danger. Unknown
The Nagus Quark is suddenly named leader of the Ferengi financial empire, and discovers that he's not only popular — he's now a target for death. Unknown
Vortex An alien criminal from the other side of the wormhole tempts Odo by telling the shape-shifter he can put the changeling in contact with others like himself. Unknown
Battle Lines Sisko, Kira, and Bashir are stranded on a war-torn world where it is impossible for the combatants to die. Unknown
The Storyteller Against his will, O'Brien becomes spiritual leader of a Bajoran village — and the only one who can save them from a destructive energy force. 46729.1
Progress A stubborn, old Bajoran farmer forces Kira to take a good look at how much she has changed since her alliance with the Federation. 46844.3
If Wishes Were Horses When members of the station find their fantasies coming to life, it becomes the prelude to a very real danger which threatens DS9.
The Forsaken While an alien entity wreaks havoc with the station's computer, the irrepressible Lwaxana Troi sets her sights for romance — with Odo! 46925.1
Dramatis Personae Odo is caught in the middle when an alien influence pits Kira against Sisko in a deadly struggle for control of the station. 46922.3
Duet Kira discovers that a Cardassian visiting the station could actually be a notorious war criminal. Unknown
In the Hands of the Prophets A Bajoran spiritual leader threatens to destroy the alliance between Bajor and the Federation. Unknown