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Season SEVEN

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Image in the Sand Sisko, now retreated back on Earth to gather his wits, meets an old friend. Unknown
Shadows and Symbols Sisko searches for a lost Orb. 52152.6
Afterimage In addition to coping with the memories of her "past lives," Ezri Dax must deal with the range of reactions her presence generates on Deep Space Nine. Unknown
Take Me Out to the Holosuite A group of Deep Space Nine rookies answer Sisko's challenge to try and beat a Vulcan baseball team.
Chrysalis A group of genetically enhanced humans, once under Bashir's care, escape from their medical facility home in the hopes that the doctor — who himself was genetically engineered as a child — can cure their friend Sarina.
Treachery, Faith, and the Great River Odo is lured to a secret meeting site, where he finds himself face to face with Weyoun, the Vorta leader of the enemy Dominion.
Once More Unto the Breach Worf is surprised to be paid a visit by Kor, an aging Klingon war hero.
The Siege of AR-558 A brutal battle on planet AR-558 has far reaching consequences for young Nog. Unknown
Covenant Dukat returns and he wants Kira to join his cult of Pah-wraith followers.
It's Only a Paper Moon After losing his leg in battle, a somber Nog returns to the space station to recuperate. Unknown
Prodigal Daughter Ezri Dax returns to her home and family while trying to gather information on the missing Miles O'Brien. Unknown
The Emperor's New Cloak Grand Nagus Zek is abducted and held hostage by Alliance members from the mirror universe.
Field of Fire Ezri must solve a series of murders by summoning Joran, one of her previous incarnations. Unknown
Chimera Odo returns from a conference with an unexpected guest: a Changeling who tracked and boarded his runabout. Unknown
Badda-Bing Badda-Bang Vic's is about to be taken over by the heavy-handed mobster Frankie Eyes. Unknown
Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges On the eve of Dr. Bashir's departure for a conference on the Romulan homeworld, he's visited by Sloan, the director of Section 31, a secret and unsanctioned extremist entity within Starfleet Intelligence. Unknown
Penumbra Worf is missing in action and Ezri takes it upon herself to find him. Unknown
'Til Death Do Us Part Sisko and Kasidy plan to marry, but circumstances are not in their favor. Meanwhile, Dukat returns posing as a simple farmer. Unknown
Strange Bedfellows Kasidy must adjust to her new role in life, while new Dominion alliances are formed.
The Changing Face of Evil The crew's relief at Worf and Ezri's safe return is tempered by reports that the Breen have attacked Starfleet Headquarters on Earth Unknown
When It Rains... Kai Winn discovers how to unleash evil, while Damar's rebel movement gains ground. Unknown
Tacking Into the Wind Bashir works on a cure for Odo's debilitating illness, while Martok assumes power following the death of Gowron.
Extreme Measures Bashir gets inside the mind of Section 31's Sloan in an attempt to find a cure for the Founder's disease.
The Dogs of War Bashir and Ezri's feelings for each other increase, as do the consequences of the Dominion war.
What You Leave Behind, Part I As Cardassians revolt against the Dominion, the Federation and its allies start to get an upper hand in the war. Meanwhile evil brews from another front. Unknown
What You Leave Behind, Part II The confrontation with the Dominion comes to a climax, as does Sisko's fate.