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Season TWO

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Picture: Episode: Description: Stardate:
The Child An alien entity impregnates Troi. 42073.1
Where Silence Has Lease The Enterprise is engulfed by a mysterious hole. 42193.6
Elementary, Dear Data Data enjoys a Sherlock Holmes holodeck program. 42286.3
The Outrageous Okona The roguish Okona charms the crew. 42402.7
Loud as a Whisper A deaf mediator communicates through a Chorus. 42477.2
The Schizoid Man Enterprise provides medical aid for Dr. Ira Graves. 42437.5
Unnatural Selection Pulaski suffers from a disease that induces rapid aging. 42494.8
A Matter of Honor Riker serves as first officer on board a Klingon ship. 42506.5
The Measure of a Man Picard must defend Data against being disassembled. 42523.7
The Dauphin Wesley falls for a mysterious young girl. 42568.8
Contagion The Enterprise computer is infected by alien hardware. 42609.1
The Royale The crew is trapped in an alien casino. 42625.4
Time Squared The crew encounters a duplicate Picard.
The Icarus Factor Riker is reunited with his estranged father. 42686.4
Pen Pals Data fights for a friend's life. 42695.3
Q Who? Q hurls the Enterprise across the galaxy. 42761.3
Samaritan Snare Geordi is taken hostage by the Pakleds. 42779.1
Up The Long Ladder Two races fight for survival.
Manhunt Picard is subjected to Lwaxana's amorous advances. 42859.2
The Emissary Worf is reunited with an old flame. 42901.3
Peak Performance A simulated war game turns deadly.
Shades of Gray An alien organism invades Riker's brain. 42976.1