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Season THREE

S                                       tar Trek TOS Season One
Picture: Episode: Description: Stardate:
Evolution A computer breakdown threatens the ship. 43125.8
The Ensigns of Command Data attempts to save a human colony. 43133.3
The Survivors An elderly couple somehow survive a devastating attack.
Who Watches The Watchers? The crew encounters a primitive, pre-Vulcan culture. 43173.5
The Bonding The ship's archaeologist is killed, leaving behind an orphaned son.
Booby Trap The Enterprise is ensnared in an intergalactic booby trap. 43205.6
The Enemy Geordi is stranded on a storm-ravaged planet.
The Price Troi falls for a handsome dignitary. 43385.6
The Vengeance Factor Picard mediates a violent dispute. 43421.9
The Defector A Romulan defector leads the crew into a deadly face-off. 43462.5
The Hunted The crew deals with a dangerous prisoner. 43489.2
The High Ground Dr. Crusher is kidnapped by a terrorist group. 43510.7
Déjà Q Q is condemned to live as a mortal. 43539.1
A Matter of Perspective Riker is accused of murder. 43610.4
Yesterday's Enterprise An Enterprise from the past mysteriously appears. 43625.2
The Offspring Data becomes a father. 43657.0
Sins of the Father Worf defends his late father. 43685.2
Allegiance A replica of Picard replaces him on the Enterprise.
Captain's Holiday Picard's vacation is interrupted by time travelers. 43745.2
Tin Man The crew faces off against the Romulans.
Hollow Pursuits Lt. Barclay's Holodeck obsession threatens the ship. 43807.4
The Most Toys Data apparently dies in a shuttlecraft explosion.
Sarek Sarek of Vulcan visits the Enterprise. 43917.4
Ménage à Troi The Ferengi kidnap Counselor Troi and her mother. 43930.7
Transfigurations The Enterprise encounters an incredibly powerful humanoid. 43957.2
The Best of Both Worlds, Part I The Enterprise has a deadly encounter with the Borg. 43989.1