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Season SIX

S                                       tar Trek TOS Season One
Picture: Episode: Description: Stardate:
Time's Arrow, Part II The crew travels back in time to prevent Data's death. 46001.3
Realm of Fear Barclay confronts his fear of being transported. 46041.1
Man of the People A Lumerian ambassador uses Troi to achieve success. 46071.6
Relics Scotty returns after being in stasis for 75 years. 46125.3
Schisms The crew suffers bizarre symptoms after an alien visit. 46154.2
True-Q A gifted young intern learns that she is a Q. 46192.3
Rascals Several crew members are turned into children.
A Fistful of Datas Data becomes the villain in a Holodeck malfunction. 46271.5
The Quality of Life Data risks lives in order to protect a "living" machine. 46307.2
Chain of Command, Part I After being reassigned, Picard is taken hostage. 46357.4
Chain of Command, Part II The crew attempts to rescue Picard from Cardassians. 46360.8
Ship in a Bottle The senior staff is trapped in a Holodeck fantasy. 46424.1
Aquiel Geordi falls in love with an alien murder suspect.
Face of the Enemy Troi becomes a pivotal part of a Romulan defection. 46519.1
Tapestry Q gives Picard the chance to change his destiny. Unknown
Birthright, Part I Worf and Data set out on journeys to find their fathers. 46578.4
Birthright, Part II Worf risks his life to inspire younger Klingons. 46579.2
Starship Mine Picard is trapped on the ship with interstellar thieves. 46682.4
Lessons Picard sends the woman he loves on a deadly mission. 46693.1
The Chase Picard tries to solve a four-billion-year old puzzle. 46731.5
Frame of Mind Riker is trapped in an alien mental hospital.
Suspicions Dr. Crusher risks her career to solve the murder of a scientist. 46830.1
Rightful Heir Worf finds his faith sorely tested when he meets Kahless. 46852.2
Second Chances Riker encounters an identical double of himself. 46915.2
Timescape The Enterprise is frozen in time on the brink of annihilation. 46944.2
Descent, Part I The Borg return to do battle with the Federation. 46982.1