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Season ONE

S                                       tar Trek TOS Season One
Picture: Episode: Description: Stardate:
Caretaker Voyager is drawn into the Delta Quadrant  
Parallax Voyager settles on crew assignments 48439
Time And Again A planet destroys itself  
Phage A hostile race with a disfuguring disease 48432
The Cloud Crew meets a space wandering lifeform



Eye Of The Needle Voyager discovers a micro-wormhold 48579
Ex Post Facto Tom Paris is accused of murder  
Emanations A race that believes in the after-life 48623
Prime Factors A race that lives for only pleasure  
State Of Flux Encounter with the Kazon 48658
Heroes And Demons Harry Kim disappears on the Holodeck in Beowolf novel 48693
Cathexis Chacote is attacked in a Dark Nebula 48734
Faces Torres is attacked and transformed by the Vidians  
Jetrel Nelix faces an old enemy  
Learning Curve Tuvoc trains the new Marquis crew 48868