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Season THREE

S                                       tar Trek TOS Season One
Picture: Episode: Description: Stardate:
Basics Part 2 Paris, Suter, and Doctor the the ship back  
Flashback Tuvoc recalls suppressed memories  
The Chute Paris and Kim are imprisoned by an alien race  
The Swarm Doctor's matrix is overloaded 50252
False Profits Voyager finds the lost Ferengi 50074
Remember B'lana has visions from an alien race 50203
Sacred Ground Kes is near death from an energy field 50063
Future's End Part 1 Voyager is drawn back to the 1990's  
Future's End Part 2 Voyager crew stops the use of future technology  
Warlord Kes is taken over by an alien 50348
The Q And The Gray The Q are at war and Janeway is to mediate  
Macrocosm A virus invades Voyager  
Fair Trade Nelix meets and old friend that is up to no good  
Alter Ego An Alien station manager invades Voyager's holodeck 50460
Coda Janeway and Chacote crash a shuttle pod  
Blood Fever Voric undergoes the Pom Far  
Unity Chacote encounters Borg that have broken free 50614
Darkling The Doctor's personallity matrix is taken over 50693
Rise Voyager crew encounter an Orbital Tether  
Favorite Son Ensign Kim appears to have alien DNA  
Before And After Kes travels backward and forward in time  
Real Life The Doctor creates a holographic family  
Distant Origin An alien race think they are from Earth  
Displaced Aliens appear on Voyager to replace the crew  
Worst Case Scenario B'lana and Paris find a Tuvoc holo novel  
Scorpion Part 1 Voyager encounters a dangerous species from fluidic space