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Season FIVE

S                                       tar Trek TOS Season One
Picture: Episode: Description: Stardate:
Night Voyager enters a large void in space 52081
Drone A baby Borg is created on Voyager by accident  
Extreme Risk B'lana is determined to harm herself  
In The Flesh Voyager encounters a space station that looks like Starfleet Academy  
Once Upon A Time Voyager shuttle craft crashes and the crew is injured  
Timeless In the future Chacote and Kim return to the Delta Quadrant  
Infinite Regress 7 of 9 tries to return to the Borg  
Nothing Human B'lana is attacked by a space creature  
Thirty Days Paris is sent to the brig for disobeying orders  
Counterpoint Voyager crosses a section of space where aliens hate telepaths  
Latent Image The Doctor has had certain memories erased by Janeway  
Bride Of Chaotica Sub Space aliens attack Voyager's holodeck  
Gravity Tuvoc & Paris crash and meet a women who falls in love with Tuvoc  
Bliss Enterprise is captured by a space creature  
Dark Frontier 7 of 9 begins to remember her childhood  
The Disease Voyager meets a gererational ship; Kim falls in love  
Course: Oblivion A second duplicate crew from the Demon Planet run into trouble 52865
The Fight Chacote's mind is affected by aliens  
Think Tank 7 of 9 is captured by a galactic think tank  
Juggernaut Voyager encounter a Malon ship that is thought to be haunted  
Someone To Watch Over Me 7 of 9 takes social lessons from the Doctor that turn out a disaster  
11:59 Janeway shares a story about her ancestor and the Millenium Tower  
Relativity 7 of 9 is transported to the past and meets Janeway  
Warhead Voyager encounters a warhead with an A.I. system  
Equinox Part 1 Voyager meets another Starfleet ship in the Delta Quadrant