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Season SIX

S                                       tar Trek TOS Season One
Picture: Episode: Description: Stardate:
Equinox Part 2 Voyager makes peace with a sub-space species  
Survival Instinct 7 of 9 recalls an experience with the Borg  
Barge Of The Dead B'lana dreams of her death  
Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy Aliens spy on Voyager and they think the Doctor is in charge  
Alice Voyager encounters a space junk yard; Paris restores a junk shuttle  
Riddles Tuvoc is attacked by a zenophobic race  
Dragon's Teeth Voyager encounters a sub-space corridor system  
One Small Step Voyager finds a 2032 Mars Space Craft in a Vortex  
The Voyager Conspiracy 7 of 9 sees conspiracies everywhere on Voyager  
Pathfinder Lt Barclay is obsessed with contacting Voyager  
Fair Haven Lt Paris writes a popular Holodeck program  
Blink Of An Eye Moyager encouters a planet where time passes very quickly  
Virturoso Doctor becomes a singer on a alien planet 53556
Memorial Crew members experience a long forgotten war  
Tsunkatse 7 of 9 & Tuvoc are forced to fight in an alien arena 53447
Collective Voyager encounters a Borg cube that is being run by Borg children  
Spirit Folk Janeway falls in love with a holodeck character  
Ashes To Ashes Paris is taken over by a fugitive alien  
Childs Play The Borg children have a science fair on Voyager  
Good Shepard Janeway enlists 3 misfit crew members in an away mission 53753
Live Fast And Proper Imposter's pose as Voyager's crew  
Muse B'lana & Kim crash on a planet and the inhabinets tell stories of them  
Fury Kes returns to Voyager and tries to destroy it  
Life Line The Doctor's program is transferred to the Alpha Quadrant  
Haunting Of Deck 12 A space life form rides on Voyager  
Unimatrix Zero Part 1 7 of 9 finds an alternative Unimatrix during regeneration