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Season FOUR

S                                       tar Trek TOS Season One
Picture: Episode: Description: Stardate:
Scorpion Part 2 Voyager first encounters 7 of 9  
0 The Gift Kes leaves Voyager and gives them a gift  
Day Of Honor Paris & B'lana are stranded in space  
Nemesis Chacote is forced to fight in a rebel army  
Revulsion Doctor meets an alien hologram that hates solids  
The Raven 7 of 9 begins to remember her past as a human  
Scientific Method Out of phase aliens do life threatening experiments on Voyager's crew  
Year Of Hell Part 1 An alien race trys to restore time to an earlier time in their lives  
Year Of Hell Part 2 Voyager stops the restoration and sets time back to the present  
Random Thoughts B'lana's violent thoughts are illegal on an alien world


Concerning Flight Voyager's computer is stolen  
Mortal Coil Nelix is killed in a nebula  
Waking Moments Dreams are reality to an alien race  
Message In A Bottle Doctor is sent to an Alpha Quadrant Federation Starship  
Hunters Voyager meets a hunter species the Harongens  
Prey The Harogens attack the fluidic space aliens  
Retrospect 7 of 9 is thought to have been attacked  
The Killing Game Part 1 Harogens take over Voyager and it's holodecks  
The Killing Game Part 2 Voyager crew fight the Harogens off  
Vis A Vis B'lana and Tom have trouble in their relationship  
The Omega Directive Voyager encounter the Omega Particle  
Unforgettable Chacote meets an alien woman whose memory is erased  
Living Wittnes An alien race is taught that Voyager is a war ship in the past  
Demon Voyager encounter a Demon class planet  
One Voyager crew must go into stasis for a month  
Hope And Fear Voyager encounters another starfleet ship in the Delta Quadrant 51978