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Season TWO

S                                       tar Trek TOS Season One
Picture: Episode: Description: Stardate:
The 37's Voyager finds people stored from 1937 Earth  
Initiations Chacote is taken prisoner by a Kazon boy 49005
Projections The Doctor is stuck in a simulation and must save the ship & crew  
Elogium Voyager encounters a space life form that has an affect on Kes  
Non Sequitur Harry is thrown back in time  
Twisted Voyager runs into a distortion field  
Parturition Paris and Nelix fight over Kes  
Persistance Of Vision Images from the Holodeck become real  
Tattoo Chacote meets ancient aliens who visited Earth  
Cold Fire Kes meets others of her spieces  
M Maneuvers Kazon attack Voyager  
Resistance Captain Janeway is Attacked  
Prototype B'lana is kidnapped by a Robot  
Alliances Voyager tries to make alliances with different Kazon factions  
Threshold Tom Paris attempts Wart 10  
Meld Tuvoc mind melds with a murderer  
Dreadnought B'lana has to deactivate a missile  
Death Wish A Que desires to die  
Lifesigns A Videan doctor is found dying on her ship  
Investigations Tom Paris leaves Voyager  
Deadlock Voyager meets itself after a Videan attack  
Innocense Tuvoc crashes on a planet meeting children waiting to die  
The Thaw Voyager crew members enter a dreamworld  
Tuvix Nelix and Tuvoc are combined in a transporter malfunction 49655
Resolutions Janeway and Chocote are left on a planet to sustain their lives  
Basics Part 1 The Kazon take over Voyager