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Season SEVEN

S                                       tar Trek TOS Season One
Picture: Episode: Description: Stardate:
Unimatrix Zero Part 2 Janeway & Tuvoc are taken as Borg drones  
Imperfection Some of the Borg children are found a home  
Repression Tuvoc investigate a crime on Voyager with surprising results  
Critical Care The Doctor's program is stolen and sold to a cast system society  
Inside Man Lt Barclay creates a hologram of Voyager and is obsessed with it 54208
Body And Soul 7 of 9 switches personas with the Doctor  
Nightingale Kim is loaned out as a captain of a ship of lost people so they can get home  
Flesh And Blood The Harogens remove safety protocols from their holodeck  
Shattered Janeway and Chacote are transported into the future by a rift in space  
Lineage B'lana is prenent and is concerned about a birth defect  
Repentance Voyager recues a prison ship and one of the prisoners escapes  
Prophecy A 70 year old Klingon ship is found in the Delta Quadrant  
The Void Voyager falls into a vortex in space and attempts to escape  
Workforce Part 1 Several crew members have their memories erased and are sent to a planet in need of laborers  
Workforce Part 2 One by one the crew members are rescued by Voyager and their memories are restored  
Human Error 7 of 9 begins a romantic relationship  
Q2 Q brings his son to Voyager for life lessons  
Author Author Doctor writes a holo novel that upsets the crew  
Friendship One Voyager encounters and old Earth probe that is suspected of causing great damage to an alien race  
Natural Law Chacote and 7of 9 crash inside of an energy barrier on a planet  
Homestead Nelix leaves Voyager to live with his own kind  
Renaissance Man The Doctor is influenced by aliens who plan on taking over Voyager  
Endgame 2 hour season/series finish. Voyager makes it home and Janeway returns years later to the Delta Quadrant to deal with the Borg Queen once and forever